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Senin, 15 Juni 2009

Free Vista Styles Icons Download

This blog is one of my favorite resources to search & download vista style icons. I can say that VistaIcons provide so many high quality icons. The design of icons are excellent, you can use it for self purpose. Unfortunately, they only provide PNG file type, when others usually provide .ICO file type for icons download.
One interesting part here is they also provide free icon making software, but i still prefer using adobe photoshop for this purpose :D (click here for all list)

There is another information for you who don’t interested in icons. VistaIcons has another useful blog & website for you! Here is the list!

* – Security & Privacy Tools
* – CSS Gallery | Showcasing the best in CSS web design & development
* - Windows Vista Desktop Customization

Here is some of their gallery of VistaIcons. Feel free to download their icons for self purpose only :D

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